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Our villa holidays in Malta and Gozo are located in different areas throughout the Maltese archipelagos including St Julians, Burmarrad and Victoria. The islands have many beaches and natural beauty that attracts even the most discerning of traveler. These unspoit retreats have over 7000 years of history waiting to be explored and discovered from the worlds oldest free standing structure to other UNESCO world heritage sites such as the city of Valetta.

Even though they are only separated by 5km of Mediterranean sea they both have their own personalities. Gozo is the smaller of the 2, it is greener, rugged and more rural than Malta which is more built up and busier, so which ever you prefer, one of them will defiantly suit you. Or because they are so close you could even stay on one and do a day trip to the other so that you can enjoy the best of both!

There is plenty to do on both islands from rich culture and history influenced by Roman architecture to excellent local cuisine with locally produced wines and bread to tempt your taste buds. Another great advantage of Malta and Gozo is that the weather in great from April to November meaning you can enjoy the islands for most of the year!

For the ultimate in luxury self-catering, we have a wide selection of properties of holiday villas Malta and Gozo with private pools. 

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