Drug Screening: Why Mouth Swab Test?

Undergoing various types of screening has become a part of our lives. In school, you have likely taken dozens of oral and written tests. Before you obtain a license or permit for a specific task, the evaluator will test your knowledge and skills. Before you get hired or even within the duration of your employment contract, the company may require you to undergo certain tests such as a mouth swab drug test. Learn more about mouth swab drug test visit on confirmbiosciences.com.

One’s sobriety is important for many institutions and companies. This is not only because this would guarantee you can deliver what is expected of you, but also because you are or will be a reflection of what the institution stands for. They would want their employees to display exemplary behavior.

Nowadays, mouth swab drug test is being used instead of the urine and blood drug screenings for the following reasons:

  • The test is painless and non-invasive. A sterile swab is simply placed between your lower jaw and cheek for around 3 minutes so that it can absorb your saliva.
  • While the timeframe may vary, various substances can be detected instantly or within several minutes, depending on the kind of drug being detected and the kit.
  • This kind of drug testing can detect substances you may have used in the last 14 days.
  • The test can be done on-site.
  • You may specify the substances you want to detect.
  • Compared to other options such as the urine drug screening, mouth swab drug test is cheaper, costing as around $5 per 5-panel kit or even lower.

Should you opt in using the mouth swab drug test, make sure to go for a trusted brand to ascertain the accuracy of the result. Order the kits directly from the manufacturer, if possible, or from an authorized reseller only to ensure the kits’ authenticity.