Aspelone Syrup – Helpful In All Forms Of Internal Inflammation

Aspelone is a corticosteroid medicine that is used for dealing with internal human body inflammation. These inflammations could be due to swelling, allergy, blockage etc., which can be relieved with the Aspelone syrup. It is generally used for small children who are much prone to such allergies and inflammations.

Besides this, the medicinal drug has shown promising results in cancer and eye diseases or skin and immune diseases. It is pain-relieving for acute leukaemia or skin inflammations, and also, asthma patients can take the syrup for a faster cure.

Forms Of Aspelone Drug Available For Consumption

As already mentioned, Aspelone is available in syrup form, besides which you can also find Aspelone tablets, eye drops, and intramuscular injections. The dose may differ according to the individual’s age. Bodyweight and severity of the medical issue they are dealing with. But generally, it amounts to 10 to 60mg per day, and being a non-habit forming disease, one can consume the medicine as long as it provides relief and the medical condition is cured. Get more Interesting details about aspelone dose for croup on

Precautions To Take While On Prescribed Aspelone

Being an anti-allergic or anti-inflammatory medicine, it can be very relieving, but it doesn’t mean that you should be overdosing on the drug. For smaller children, the dose should be limited to 1mg of prednisolone per kg weight of the child, and each ml of the Aspelone syrup roughly amounts to 3mg prednisolone.

One should also check for any allergies to the medicine ingredients, especially diabetic patients or people with kidney issues should take extra care when consuming Aspelone. There are a various side effect of this drug if not monitored carefully. Some of the side effects include internal bleeding in the stomach or increased glucose levels, increased blood pressure etc.