What Contains In Froehde Reagent Test Kit?

Plenty of things are there in a froehde reagent kit with the help of which you can check out the purity of the cocaine substance. You can easily use it without any issues at all and also you will get manual with it that you can simply read and know everything about it. Get more interesting details about froehde test kit check out this site.

There are tons of things contains in a kit that you will be going to find that you will come to know later in the article. So stay till the end in order to gain more information on it.

Here are some of the things for your understanding

4-5 things are there you will be going to find in a kit and it is essential to know about them all which is why you should pay attention to all of them. Following are the things for you-

  1. Ampoule- It is thing in which you will be going to find the solution or on the other hand we can say that you will be going to find out the reagent that will be helpful for you.
  2. Sampling spatula- It helps in picking up the sample and store it inside the ampoule then you simply need to shake it and it will work perfectly.
  3. Extra solution- You will get a small bottle of dilution solution in it that you can use for additional testing. It is easy to use that bottle as you simply need to pour it right in the tube and start testing.
  4. Color panel- You will get it with the kit and with the help of it you can match the color which is really easy. Every result based on the color so you just need to be sure about matching it after the test.