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Holiday Protection

Financial Security

ABTARegistered with the Association of British Travel Agents to ensure our practices are amongst the best in the business. Our membership no. is W131X

Rigorous Standards

Prior to every season, a thorough inspection is made of the properties to ensure that every house has maintained the standards we have set, and is ready to be enjoyed by our clients during the following spring, summer and autumn months. At the same time, our descriptions are checked to ensure that the information on our website is correct. Our honest and informative approach means that many of our clients reserve their property in France, Corsica, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Gozo year after year with us.

Our Personal Opinion

We hope that our site will give you all the information that you need. However our staff in London have personally visited and inspected every home. We are very happy to talk to you if you wish to telephone us to help you make your choice. We can provide for you all those little pieces of information that can only come from first-hand experience, but can be a vital ingredient when choosing your holiday.

Local Offices and Representation in France, Corsica, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Gozo.

Our company has offices in France from which we conduct our property prospecting, contracting and checking. Consequently you can be sure that all our information is continuously updated and verified by us" on the spot". We also have representatives who reside on the island of Corsica from May to September who are on hand for any of our clients. They can give you plenty of advice and help to ensure that you enjoy your holiday on this beautiful island. We have local representation in Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Gozo.

24 Hour Emergency Telephone Contact

When you go on holiday you will be issued with a 24-hour emergency telephone number. Even the best prepared plans can go wrong. If you do need our help in an emergency. In France and Corsica you are provided with the telephone numbers of our representatives who reside in the countries and in Croatia, Montenegro, Malta and Gozo you are given the telephone number of our local representative.