Affair Travel

Terms and Conditions.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They apply to all the holiday arrangements detailed on your invoice, and they deal with both your and our rights and obligations.

Your contract.

Your contract will be with The Airline Seat Company Ltd trading as Affair Travel.
Registered office: Hill gate House, 13 Hillgate St, London W8 7SP. Registration No. 3030025.

When you book your holiday arrangements, our contract with you takes affect as soon as payment has been accepted and a confirmation invoice has been issued. The contract between us will start when your booking is confirmed by us in writing. Once the contract is made we are responsible for providing the holiday you have booked and you are responsible to pay for it, in each case subject to these terms and conditions.

Deposit & Final Payment.

A deposit of 25% of the accommodation price is required at the time of booking. Upon receipt of your deposit we will issue you a confirmation invoice showing the balance due for payment 10 weeks before your rental start date. If a booking is made within 10 weeks of travel then full payment is required at the time of booking.
It is your responsibility to contact Affair Travel to pay your final balance on time, they are not automatically processed and failure to make payment will result in cancellation of the booking and loss of deposit.

Holiday Documents.

Four weeks prior to departure you will receive your holiday documents via email or through the post.

Our liability to you

We accept responsibility for ensuring that all component parts of the villa rental which you book with us are supplied to you as described on our website and to a reasonable standard.
We have taken all responsible and proper steps to ensure that arrangements have been made for all the components booked which are advertised on our website. Also that the suppliers of the various services as part of the booking are safe and compliant with the local and national regulations of the country in which they are provided.
Where it is known or advised we take every precaution to inform clients of any building works taking place in or near accommodation that are part of the holiday stay. Reasonable works and renovations are common with stays in all major cities or tourist resorts. We have no direct control over the provision of services to you by suppliers. However, subject to the note below we will pay to our clients the equivalent of such damages as they would be entitled to receive under English Law in an English Court for any personal injury to the client, including illness or death, caused by the failure to perform or the improper performance of, such services by the servants or agents of ourselves or any of our suppliers contracted or subcontracted by us to provide any part of the arrangements for your holiday as described on our website, where such failure or improper performance is due to the fault of such person and not to an event which such person could not foresee or forestall even if they had taken all due care.

Information provided is updated as often as possible on useful information and local services. Changes may occur throughout the season and Affair Travel does not take any responsibility for any inconvenience to clients that may result.

Our liability will be limited in accordance with the contractual terms of the companies that provide the transportation for the travel arrangements and any relevant international convention, for example the Montreal Convention.

Note: We will make payments as stated above provided (a) the injured clients notify us of any claim for personal injury within three months of their return travel; (b) they assign to Affair Travel any rights against a supplier or any other person or party they have relating to the claim; (c) they agree to co-operate fully with us should we or our insurers wish to enforce those rights which have been assigned to us or to which we are subrogated.
Acceptance of the services of Affair Travel implies acceptance of the conditions and knowledge and acceptance of the general information in our current brochure. All rights and liabilities conferred upon a client by Affair Travel on acceptance of the booking shall not be transferable to any other person under any circumstances. The client in whose name the booking is made is responsible for ensuring that every member of the party abides by and respects the above conditions.

Note: The Airline Seat Company Ltd which trades as Affair Travel are members of ABTA (W131X). Members help holiday makers to get the most from their travel and assist them when things do not go according to plan. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s code of conduct. For further information about the ABTA code of conduct please visit

Force Majeure

This means that we will not pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any way because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These can include, for example but not limited to: war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions etc.


We reserve the right to alter the prices of any of the holiday products shown on our website or any marketing material. You will be advised of the current price of the holiday before your contract is confirmed. Government action in the United Kingdom or abroad may require Affair Travel to collect additional taxes and surcharges at any time prior to commencement of the holiday.


Any alterations to your holiday will incur an amendment charge of £25 at any time up to 12 weeks prior to your holiday. Should a supplier levy a charge higher than this amount their charge will be passed onto you. If you wish to make any alteration within 12 weeks of your holiday departure cancellation charges will apply as detailed below. Name changes to accommodation can be made up to 48 hours prior to departure at a charge of £25 per person except when a supplier levies a higher charge than this in which case this higher charge will be passed onto you. If the number of persons in a booking changes the holiday price will be recalculated on the basis of the amended party size. A separate cancellation charge will be made in respect of any persons cancelling and the booking will be re-invoiced accordingly.


Any client cancelling accommodation or car hire must do so in writing (post or email) but the following charges apply in respect of the costs, the weeks in question being calculated from the date of receipt of the written cancellation in our office:

Over 10 weeks prior to departure               Loss of deposit
10 to 6 weeks prior to departure                 50% of price
6 to 4 weeks prior to departure                   75% of price
Less than 4 weeks prior to departure       100% of price

In the rare event of a cancellation by Affair Travel of a client’s booking all monies paid will be refunded immediately and in full whereupon the liability of Affair Travel ceases. Should a client wish to change accommodation for any reason, Affair Travel reserve the right to treat such a change as a cancellation and levy the appropriate cancellation charges. Should a client not pay the balance due by the specified time Affair Travel reserves the right to cancel the booking and levy the appropriate cancellation charges.

Client Responsibility

Clients are responsible for the contents, facilities and amenities of any property they rent and for leaving it in good order and clean condition. Any damage to any property its contents, facilities or amenities may render the client liable for eviction without compensation and liable to pay for any such damage.
The maximum number of occupants for each property is indicated in the description of it and under no circumstances shall this number be exceeded. Each owner reserves the full right to refuse admission or to request the departure, of people arriving in excess of this number, in such instance the whole party is liable to be evicted.
Any problems, defects or shortages in respect of a property and its contents should be immediately reported to the owner, or to his representative, who is in the best position to take any remedial action. Any shortage or defect, however, which threatens seriously to affect the client’s enjoyment of the holiday which is not rectified within a reasonable period of time must be reported to Affair Travel by phone or email at once, while the client is still in occupation of the property (only then is Affair Travel given the opportunity of coming to the client’s assistance to remedy the cause of whatever the complaint should be). Consequently Affair Travel shall have no liability in respect of any claim concerning the property which has not been raised whilst the client is in occupation of the property. In any event Affair Travel liability shall not exceed the amount paid by the client for the accommodation provided for him.
If a complaint cannot be resolved during your holiday, you must send a written complaint within 28 days of the end of your holiday, in order that we can investigate it properly.

Damage to property and Minor Accidental Damage Charge

All bookings are covered by a Minor Accidental Damage Charge. This covers you for any accidental damage to your holiday accommodation up to the value of damage of €300.
If you or any member of your party cause damages of more than €300 you and your party will be required to pay for the full loss and/or damage caused and we will hold you and each member of your party jointly and individually responsible. Full payment for any such damage or losses of more than €300 must be paid directly to the accommodation owner/supplier prior to departure from the accommodation or an invoice in respect of it will be sent to you on your return.

The Minor Accidental Damage Charge does not cover:-

  - deliberate, unlawful, highly negligent, reckless or malicious damage to the property or to its contents;
  - major or structural damage caused to the property or its contents;
  - damage that is not caused entirely by accident by you and/or genuine members of your party;
  - the cost from additional cleaning of the property that may be needed because it is left in a dirty condition;
  - damage that is not immediately reported to the owner or to us; and
  - all damage which totals €300 or more.

You will be responsible to the owner for all damage or breakages caused by you and/or genuine members of your party to the property or its contents (including the cost of any work needed to put this right) which is not covered by the Minor Accidental Damage Charge. This may include responsibility for paying for this damage. You may need to check and sign an inventory of the property and its contents on arrival at the property. If you discover that anything is missing or damaged on arrival please notify the owner/key holder immediately. The owner can ask for payment from you to cover these costs.

All villa rentals in France will incur a €150 cleaning deposit payable in cash in on arrival at the villa. Deductions from the cleaning deposit will only be made if the property requires additional cleaning, due to the property being left in an unsuitable condition, otherwise the deposit will be returned.


Check-in times vary from destination to destination, Corsica, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta & Gozo from 3pm and France from 5pm to 7pm. Check-out times for Corsica, France at 9:30am and Croatia, Montenegro, Malta & Gozo at 9am. Your check in time will be confirmed with your travel itinerary details 4 weeks before the holiday starts.
Prior to your departure from the property you will be required to spend about one hour with the owner or keyholder so that they can inspect, to their satisfaction, the state of the property in your presence. Clients are expected to leave the property in a clean and tidy state before departure.


Credit Cards: We accept all major credit cards, which are subject a transaction fee of 2% (2.5% Amex).
Debit Cards: There is no charge for this form of payment.


We aim to provide the best holiday possible. However if you are not satisfied with your holiday please let us know as soon as possible. Complaints must be made in writing within 28 days of your return date. If you have special needs which prevent you from writing to us, then where possible, we will accept details of the complaint over the telephone. Failure to inform us within 28 days of return may reduce or extinguish any rights you have to claim compensation from us or any other supplier. Complaint case files will be closed strictly 30 days after the date of final written correspondence, once closed case files will not be re negotiated or re opened.

Privacy Policy:

Affair Travel has measures in place to protect the personal booking information held by us. This information will be passed on to the principal and to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements. The information may also be provided to public authorities such as customs or immigration if required by them, or as required by law. Certain information may also be passed on to security or credit checking companies. Full details of our data protection policy are available upon request. We respect your privacy and your details will not be passed on to third parties for marketing or other purposes.

September 2011.